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 Idallia's Bio

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PostSubject: Idallia's Bio   Idallia's Bio I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 17, 2018 1:34 pm

Idallia Draconia – HISTORY

1898      1918            1968                       2018

1898 – 1918 *Human life*

Idallia was born on January 30th, 1898 to William and Alice Draconia in Liverpool England. The labor and delivery was very rough and Alice survived only two hours after giving birth before bleeding out and passing away leaving a very inexperienced William with a daughter to raise on his own.  William was a very well known gangster, leading many criminals to do his dirty work. He knew he wasn’t father material, but he had loved Alice and Alice had wanted a child. In honor of his beloved, he decided he was going to raise Idallia with the help of the girlfriends and wives of some of his ‘empolyees’.  

Idallia spent her young years tossed from one person to another to be looked after while her father was away on business, which was more often than not.  Her father always made sure she had what she needed, sent gifts from his outings, and paid people well for her well being though he was rarely a part of her life, literally only taking time to see her maybe once or twice a year for a couple of days.

1914 - 1916

As she began to grow into a young woman, people began to take notice. She was sweet natured, mild, caring and always had a smile for everyone.  She was developing into quit the little beauty as well, a small petite figure, long dark hair, big brown eyes and pale skin.
The family that she was living with ran a small bakery in town and she spent a good majority of her time assisting them baking fresh breads and pastries between her studies. One young man in particular had become very interested in her, Trevor Wright.  He was a couple of years older than Ida and worked at the bakery to deliver the goods around town.

William caught wind of the young man that had been spending so much time with his daughter, as well as reports on just how ‘eye catching’ his daughter had become. He decided to head back home and settle in to run his business so he could keep a closer eye on what was his. Shortly after he moved back, he had contracted an accident to happen and Trevor met a horrific death that was marked as nothing more than an accident.
On the very day of Trevor’s funeral, William informed Idallia that she would be moving back home with him where he could keep a better eye on her and forbade her from spending time at the bakery or ‘working’ anywhere else. A very short time later, the family that ran that bakery died in an unexpected house fire late at night… again another accident.

Idallia found herself being isolated. Her father was very strict and rarely allowed her to leave the house. Her tutor came twice a week to continue her studies but other than that, she had nobody to talk to anymore.

1916 - 1918

By the time she had turned eighteen, Idallia began to slip out of her bedroom window at night and sneak into town. Though it was dark and nothing was open, she found it refreshing to just be able to get out and be free of her father’s iron grip. She also started going to a hospital and volunteering for a couple of hours in the nights, sitting with those that were sick and dying. She held the hands of many as they passed away leaving this world, and often leaving her wondering just what lie beyond the world of the living.

It was during one of her nightly outings shortly after leaving the hospital that she met Ellie, a girl about the same age as herself. At first it was just a simple glance, catching the dark haired beauty from the corner of her eye. The next time she saw Ellie her eyes actually met and lingered, and she wasn’t sure why, but something about this girl made her smile. She felt something dangerous, yet exciting about this girl and knew she wanted to meet her and get to know her.
She began to sneak out more often, going to the hospital to volunteer her time, and always looking for this girl that had caught her interest. About a month had gone by and she didn’t see her again and had just started to forget about her. This night in particular had been rather difficult on Idallia. A major illness had plagued the city and many people were falling ill. She watched and held at least eight individuals this night as they passed, and consoled families who wept for their children that didn’t make it through the night. Though her time was a volunteer, it was hard work, and heart wrenching.  In addition, she was putting herself at risk everyday she came here of catching this illness as she cared for those already ill.

Then one night, just as she was leaving, there she was, not from a distance, not hiding in a shadow, but standing there, right in front of her. Her mere presence made Idallia’s heart race and her knees shaky. She didn’t know what it was about her, she was after all, just another girl, much like herself… young, beautiful, running around at night… yet there was something more. There was an air of confidence, power, and something very dark and sinister about the girl, something that spoke to her inner being and made her body react in ways she thought was only right for a man and woman to feel.  That night was the beginning of something a whole lot more than Idallia could ever imagine.

Ida and Ellie became nearly inseparable. Idallia made it a point to spend every available moment she had with Ellie. It didn’t take her long to realize that she had fallen in love with the dark beauty and wanted to share more than just her darkest thoughts and secrets with this woman.  Despite everything she had ever been told, what was right and wrong, she knew she wanted to be with Ellie. One night while they were out walking down the street, Idallia stopped walking, stop talking mid sentence, she turned to Ellie and without a second thought, leaned in to kiss the dark beauty whom had captured her heart.  Much to her surprise, Ellie didn’t seem very surprised by her actions at all and embraced it, taking control as Ida started to pull back from what was going to be a brief kiss and kissed her hard, wrapping a strong embrace of arms tightly around her keeping their bodies pressed tightly together. The kiss was amazing, one of those where dreams are made, and what fairytales are written about.  

Idallia wanted to know everything there was to know about this woman, all her dark secrets. She had realized that in their time together, she knew very little about Ellie, yet she had told Ellie everything there was to know about herself, her family, even things that could be used against her father to have him locked away for years for his criminal activities. Ellie was reluctant to talk about herself much, which drove Idallia crazy. She wanted to know her, needed to know who this woman was that had stolen her heart.  Finally, Idallia got what she asked for, a tale of nightmares. It was more than she imagined, more than her mind could comprehend at first.

Idallia stayed away for a couple of days after learning about Ellie and what Ellie was. She needed time to let it all sink in, to allow the realization of what she was told to become reality. It was frightening, and yet one of those things that she found absolutely fascinating. Just as she sat with dying humans, holding their hands watching as the light left their eyes and pondered what lie beyond, what secrets did the darkness hold? And as if to answer her, Ellie came into her life, a vision of beauty in the darkest form.

When she saw Ellie again, without a word, she pulled her hair aside exposing her neck and offered herself to the only one who would ever hold her heart. “I want to be yours, heart, mind and body.” She whispered closing her eyes waiting to see if Ellie would accept the gift that was being offered to her.  From that moment, their relationship deepened to a whole new level, and Idallia knew she would do anything to make sure that she could spend her life with Ellie.


For nearly two years Idallia had been with Ellie, living her nightlife and her dream. She was happy despite her home life. She simply avoided her father as much as she could, sleep during the day so that she could run free at night.  But, all good things must come to an end…

Idallia had come home one night after having had another amazing night with Ellie. She slipped into her window and as she looked up, there was her father, standing with his arms crossed. He was fuming. She didn’t even have time to explain before he reached down and lifted her from the floor and threw her against the wall. Words were yelled, his fist were flung beating her to the point she could not even see straight.

That day, bars were placed on her windows in effort to lock her to her room and keep her from going out without William’s permission.  She had also been informed of her father’s plan to marry her off as part of a business deal, giving her no choice on who she was to be with.

That night, and for several nights following, Idallia was unable to leave her home and meet with Ellie as planned. After several nights of not seeing her, Ellie had found her way to Idallia’s home. Idallia was still bruised, still nursing a black eye and battered ribs from where her father had beaten her and most likely a concussion. When she awoke and saw Ellie leaning over her bed she thought for sure she had to be dreaming. She fell in and out of consciousness for several days, each time waking to see the smiling face of the one she loved, sometimes waking to feel Elli’s body wrapped around her own, holding her close, and although the touch was cold, it gave her a warming sensation knowing that Ellie was with her through it all.

When Idallia finally woke, fully conscious Ellie was not there. She wondered if it had in fact all been a dream, though it felt so real. She looked around her room… her prison and couldn’t see how Ellie would have even been able to get inside; leaving her to believe it was a dream. The bruises had started to fade, and though still achy, she was able to get up out of her bed and move around her room. When she went to her door, she found it to be locked. She tested the bars on the windows, pushing and pulling them trying to find a way out. She feared that by now Ellie might think she was never coming back, and that thought made her panic, pacing the floors. With each passing minute, other realizations came to her, like the fact her father was setting her up to marry someone she didn’t know.

Minutes became hours, she watched as the sun set from her window and longed to be with Ellie, every passing second away becoming more painful than the last. How long had it been? Days? Weeks? She had no idea. Her door opened, someone had brought her a tray of food to eat and set it down.  Minutes later, her father entered her room again. She learned that one of his employees had spotted her and Ellie together and had informed him and now he was demanding to know who the girl was that she had been spending time with.  Idallia refused to give him a name recalling what happened to Trevor and the family that had looked after her. Anyone that she had allowed get close to her always ended up dead. Her refusal led to another beating, though not as severe, still painful, leaving her a shivering crying mess in the corner of her room and promises by her father that the girl would be found and dealt with.

She was still in her corner cowered in on herself when she heard that sweet familiar voice. Tear filled eyes lifted up to see Ellie holding out her hand. Idallia took it allowing Ellie to pull her to her feet and into her loving embrace. It was in that moment that it struck Idallia what she wanted and she whispered to Ellie… “Turn me.”

Ellie was reluctant; pulling back refusing Idallia’s request, but Idallia was persistent. She wanted to be able to live her life as she wanted; she wanted to spend her life with Ellie… an eternal life with the woman she loved, additionally, she wanted to put an end to her father, and the more she thought about it, the more she wanted it, and the more she pushed to be turned.

Ellie continued to refuse her, for days she would come visit and everyday Idallia pleaded with Ellie to change her. On the fourth day since she first asked when Ellie came back Idallia stood there and asked Ellie once more to turn her and again Ellie refused. Idallia pulled a knife out from under her dress and brought it to her chest. Without a second thought she stabbed that knife deep into her own chest. She looked at Ellie as darkness and death quickly began to creep past her own eyes. “Turn me… or watch me die.” She said giving Ellie an ultimatum as she collapsed to the ground in the pooling blood around her.

The last thing she remembered was Elli’s wrist at her lips and feeling and tasting her blood as it filled her mouth. She swallowed several times before closing her eyes and feeling the rush of darkness take over.

When she woke, she knew that Ellie had granted her eternal life. She could feel the strength in her bones, she could feel the power that radiated through her body, her senses were alive, her eyes were wide and red with bloodlust. She had a thirst, a hunger unlike anything she could have ever imagined, it was so bad it was painful, a need that had to be sated. She felt almost frantic needing to feed, and there was only one person on her mind…

She could hear Ellie calling to her, but she ignored her, even pushing her aside to get past and out the door.
“Oh Father!” she called out moving through her house with one purpose. William came out of a room ready to go off, his fist already tightened when she struck. He didn’t even see it coming. Idallia was there, ripping his throat out like a rabid dog before Ellie could even stop her. Blood splattered the walls, the floor, even the ceiling. She drank until he had nothing left to give her and then tossed his used carcass aside. Her face was covered with blood, her hands, her body, and she wanted more, the thirst had barely been touched.

1918 – 1968 *Life as a Vampire with Ellie*

-Coming Soon-

1968 *Locked Away*

2018 *The Present*
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Idallia's Bio
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