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 Jalina's Biography

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Typer of Tomfoolery

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PostSubject: Jalina's Biography   Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:16 pm

Jalina couldn't remember who she used to be when she walked upon the earth as a human. If asked she would say, "I was a horrible person, I killed for the pure delight that it was to watch the life of another slip through my fingers, it was a rush of control to feel the power of that moment." But the actual memories slipped right by her. A few thousand years in hell will do that to a person, or rather the demon she had become once all humanity was stripped from her.

Her original soul was born in 300BC, the wife of the leader of a nomadic tribe that wandered the Sahara dessert worshipping golden idols and sacrificing whatever they had in order to appease false gods that were actually demons in disguise. Greed overtook her and she murdered her own child in order to gain what she was told would be untold wealth and power. When she arrived in hell the demon that had led her astray tormented her personally for a very long time. When she tried to escape the first time her tormenter told her that if she did so again that she would be given a punishment worse than hell itself. She would not remember her old self, ever again, and that one of the things that made people the most human would be something she desired constantly, would feed upon it and yet never be quite satisfied. Lust.

When she finally escaped from hell successfully and was able to return to earth, she was a lost wisp of smoke, staring people down warily. She had killed the first few humans she had attempted to possess, not knowing how any of this worked. But once she had discovered a little more of how this worked she was able to, just ten years from the present time, possess a girl from Mumbai India. Jalina picked her for her beauty and the way that when she walked into the nightclub the evening that Jalina first saw her, she turned heads constantly. It was easy and smooth as silk to move inside of her and take over. It was even easier to isolate her from her family and have her disappear. And that was when she began learning to use this new body to her advantage.

Her tormentor had been right, she craved sex so much that it was like a deep craving hunger inside of her. While food nourished the physical body she inhabited, it was the sexual energy from others that kept her alive on another level of being. At first she traveled from Mumbai to Chennai and onto Delhi. But after a while, even though India was always bustling with activity and that activity oozed with sexual energy, she craved something different. She spent a year in Morroco, traveled to Paris, Tokyo and even New York City. But nothing was ever enough, even the kinkiest of human's eventually made her feel bored, she'd take her fill and move onto the next, sometimes they didn't survive the ordeal, her hunger was so intense from an eternal frustration that was ever fully satisfied that she would leave the victim dead on the floor, but as time has gone on she has learned to drain someone enough to satiate her for the time being and allow the victim to recover, sometimes only to use them again. However she's never gotten into making it a regular thing with any one person, relationships are just not her thing, as she equate sex more with feeding a primal need and feels she has zero capacity for love.

Jalina was going to pass right by Creekwood at first glance, especially when she got off the bus and saw a church right down the street, but there was something else here too, something that smelled extremely intriguing to her, not knowing that is it vampires putting off that intense sexual energy she decides to stay in Creekwood long enough to figure it out and get a few good meals out of it before intending tomove on. . . however it's possible something or someone could tempt her to stay.
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Jalina's Biography
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