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 Misty's Biography

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Typer of Tomfoolery

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PostSubject: Misty's Biography   Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:43 pm

Several centuries ago, Nikolaus Baraka, King of the Elm Forest Fae made a deal with a demon to help him win and end a decade long battle with the orc.
A prophecy had been written hundreds of years prior, that one day a female fae child would be born into the world, one who bore the mark (some symbol here) on her uppermost outer thigh as a birthmark. This child would be capable of destroying all demons on earth, sealing all portals of hell and also destroying all the angels, upsetting the balance of good vs evil. In addition, she also would also be the key that would open all the portals to hell, allowing an uprise of demons onto the earth to take over in madness and mayhem, and cause angels to fall and be trapped as prisoners on earth unable to return to the heavens from which they came. Because of this, this child would be marked as one of the most dangerous people to live if she ever learned the true nature of her power and how to use it. She could either be a weapon against or for demonkind.

The demon (Max) who made the deal with Nikolaus knew of this prophecy, and knew that if this child was ever born he would want her either to destroy her or use her to aid him in bringing destruction upon earth with a demon invasion and an open invitation to Lucifer to walk the earth and become the leader of all things.  So Max, agreed to help Nikolaus and in turn for payment, he would be promised this child should she ever come to exist, rather it was years or centuries from now, the child would belong to him.  Nikolaus’ advisor Aeden objected to such a deal, advising Nikolaus that this was a bad deal and he was making a huge mistake.  Desperate and not believing such a prophecy Nikolaus signed the agreement in his own blood agreeing to such foolish terms. As promised, Max brought an end to the war and more power to Nikolaus than he knew what to do with. Aeden resigned as Nikolaus advisor and went out on his own, determined to find this prophecy child when she came to be and protect her from the demon.

In 1998, Elise Kindall, one of the only living descendants of Nikolaus became pregnant by a one night stand. She had no idea who the father of her child was, it was a mistake, the result of a drunken party and poor judgment.  Elise decided to give birth to the child and raise it as a single mother, with the help of her own mother and the clan of witches that she was a part of.

Elise had heard the stories of her family, she knew of the so called prophecy and the deal her great great great great grandfather had made with a demon, but over a century had passed and no female child with such a marking had ever been born, and the story was nearly forgotten as nothing more than a fairy tale to scare new mothers giving birth. But for some reason, that story seemed to haunt Elise throughout her entire pregnancy. She told her mother about the nightmares she had been having and as a precaution, her mother took the nightmares seriously and contacted the coven for help should the prophecy child be born.

When Misty was born, sure enough she bore the mark of the child. The coven of witches had placed a spell over the birthing area to prevent any demon from knowing the child had been born. And when the discovery was made, to keep her safe, the witches took the baby girl to raise in the coven as one of their own so they could protect her and keep her away from demons, particularly the one known as Max who she had been promised to. Elise was devastated to lose her child, but also wanted to make sure the baby was safe and could live a full life. It was agreed upon that Misty would never be told the story, never told of the prophecy or that she was promised to a demon by oath of blood many years ago. She would never be told that she was part fae and that she was the key that could bring down the demon empire.

The child was given to Celeste, one of the high witches who had always wanted a child of her own but was barren and no spell could work to help her. She agreed to take the baby and raise it as her own, never to tell the child that she was adopted.  Celeste named her Misty after the soft mist of rain that fell on that day of her birth.

With the help of the coven a spell was placed on Misty to help keep her hidden from all demons, to shield the mark upon her thigh from a demon’s eyes to see and to block the light within her from being detected marking her as a fae.

Misty was raised in the small town of Crete Nebraska, about 30 minutes southwest of Lincoln. She lived with her mother Celeste in a small but cozy home with a very large backyard where they had gardens and a greenhouse with many different herbs.  Misty was homeschooled growing up, part of her studies being that of the craft, learning potions and spells and practicing magic. The only problem was, with Misty being part fae, her magic didn’t work like a typical witch. Often times when she attempted to do something, it became a disaster and backfired in one way or another. Celeste decided it would be best to stick with learning how to make potions and the study of herbs and growing them and forbid Misty to try any sort of spells without supervision.

When Misty was sixteen, she had her best friend Bailey over. Her friend was curious about her magic and spells and wanted Misty to show her a few tricks. Not wanting to disappoint, Misty put on a show, doing little things at first, changing her hair and eye color. When Bailey wanted her to make some changes on her, Misty hesitated. But after some pleading and begging, Misty agreed and attempted to do a cosmetic spell on Bailey. Instead of the intended spell, Misty turned her best friend into a bird. Hours turned into days which turned into weeks where Misty tried desperately to turn her friend back to a human. A missing person report had gone out on Bailey and the entire town was looking for her. It had been assumed that she had been kidnapped. Misty was too frightened to tell anyone what really happened, nor did she think that anyone would even believe her. So, she kept it a secret and tried every day to fix her mistake.

By the time Misty was seventeen, she had fallen in love with a boy from town named Michael, (Mike).  The two of them were inseparable, spending as much free time together as they could. Misty never did tell him that she was a witch, and swore off every trying to do magic again other than to try to repair her mistake with her friend. She was with Mike for nearly a year before she walked in on him to find him in bed with another girl. Misty’s emotions went out of control and with it, so did the power within her. Her inner light was released, like a ball of electricity firing straight into Mike, sending him flying across the room and leaving his body in seizure like spasms, nearly killing him. The girl ran and called for help, and Misty ran frightened by her own power.

Celeste called the witches of the coven and gathered them all in a secret meeting where once again they cast a spell over Misty, strengthen the protection spell and also to try and dull out the power that was quickly growing inside of Misty, a power they never wanted to let free. In a metaphorical way, the witches took that source of power and locked it away in a vault behind heavy doors within Misty and threw away the key hoping to keep that power locked away and never to be released again.

By the time Misty was nineteen she wanted to venture out on her own, to leave this small town and try to survive on her own by starting a magic shop where she could sell her own concoctions of creams, soaps, remedies, herbs, candles and ritual items. She had saved up all her money from selling these things in her hometown over the years and wanted more. Her mother protested and tried to keep Misty close, but Misty was determined to do this and make it on her own.  

Misty found her way to Creekwood where she rented a small shop……… and this is where her story begins….
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Misty's Biography
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