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 Angels arrival to Creekwood ....

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Typer of Tomfoolery

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Angels arrival to Creekwood .... Empty
PostSubject: Angels arrival to Creekwood ....   Angels arrival to Creekwood .... I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 25, 2018 4:57 pm

As the greyhound bus pulled into the old dirty station in Creekwood Angel would open her eyes as the bus driver yelled over the speaker "all passengers for Creekwood this is your stop ." Angel would wait as a small crowd of passengers shoved and pushed there way out before she would rise slide from her seat and grab her on board luggage . Before making her way down the now empty aisle out the door and down the steps as her heels hit the pavement she turn too her right and walk towards the back of the bus were the storage compartment was .
Then pulling out her lugage she drug her things towards the curb of the street were she try's to hail a taxi for a full 5 minutes ,before finely getting a beat up yellow cab too stop for her . As she moves towards the back of the cab the man in the driver's seat pops open the trunk but doesn't get out to help her load the luggage she glares threw the back window thinking to herself how rude " as she throws her belongings into the back she walks to the back driver side back door opens it and slides in giving the man the address to were she wanted to go.
As Angel adjusts herself in the seat the man jerks the cab out into traffic and heads towards her papi 's shop well now hers .
Though she wasn't sure yet if she was going too keep it or sell it but since it was vacation time at her school she had some time to decide what she would do. As they fly by streets and houses she watches were they were heading finely arriving the driver pulls up too the curb and says "20 dollars babe " she throw the 20 at him and slides out the back as she moves too the trunk grabbing her luggage out and stepping back before the cab driver speeds off leaving her just standing on the curb looking about in complete wonderment at her surrounding before she turns around and forces her way threw the thick red drapes and into the shop thinking how odd having drapes and no door she wonders if in the winter how warm this place stays just in case she decides too keep the shop .
Looking about she pulls her luggage around the counter and towards the back room were she undoes her sleeping bag making a make shift bed , then pulling out her cell phone she calls her mother letting her know she made it before laying down for the night .
Knowing in the morning she wake up , clean the shop up explore the rest and order some new inventory for the place .
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Angels arrival to Creekwood ....
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